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Stir Fry Salted Vegetables with TofuStir Fry Salted Vegetables with Tofu
Kiam Cae is such a perfect ingredient to use in stir fry cooking because it has a very unique aroma and taste.
ChickenMeatRibs with Pickled Vegetable SoupChicken/Meat/Ribs with Pickled Vegetable Soup
This soup has a very delicious taste and aroma. Very good to be consumed in rainy or cold weather.
Pickled VegetablePickled Vegetable
Kim Cae is very suitable as "asinan sayur" ingredient. Try the recipe here.
Shanghai IceShanghai Ice
Very convenient to be consume for refreshment after fasting
Fruit Punch with Nata de CocoFruit Punch with Nata de Coco
Taste the fresh juice and the crunchy nata de coco in this recipe.
Fruit Cocktail PuddingFruit Cocktail Pudding
Mixture between Fruit Cocktail and pudding. Very suitable as healthy snack or dessert.
Chocolate PuddingChocolate Pudding
Fruit Cocktail can also be used as chocolate pudding complement.
Choux Pastry with Fruit VlaChoux Pastry with Fruit Vla
Mix between Vla and Fruit Cocktail as Choux filling
Almond PuddingAlmond Pudding
Add almond pudding to complete fruit cocktail
Lychee PuddingLychee Pudding
Lychee Pudding with nata de coco to make delicious and pretty dessert.
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