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P. T. Sumber Berkat Prima (Sumber Prima Food) is a food and beverages company that has been established since 1991. It began as a start up home industry then became P. T. Sumber Berkat Prima in 2010. The company has been running, working and producing for more than 20 years and keep improving to become a better company that has a lot of contribution for food and beverages in Indonesia.

The main products of Sumber Prima Food are Fruit Cocktail Prima Rasa and Nata de Coco Prima Rasa which is regularly consumed as dessert, healthy snacks and tajil after fasting in Ramadan. Furthermore for the food product, Sumber Prima Food has Kiam-Cae that is produced using premium quality bitter mustards. Another dessert product from Sumber Prima Food is Happycool pudding that is made from real fruit concentrate and extract. All of Sumber Prima Food products are produced and packaged with hygiene and using only premium ingredient. Moreover, all of the products do not use artificial sweetener (100% pure sugar).

In health aspect, P. T. Sumber Berkat Prima produces Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Prima Sehat that is made using cold and centrifugal process to maintain the nutrients and enzymes in the products. VCO has a lot of health benefits such as improving the body immune system and metabolism, preventing degenerative diseases, decreasing and diminishing sugar level in blood, and much more.

Nowadays, Sumber Prima Food Products have been distributed to all of supermarkets around Indonesia such as Carrefour, Alfa, Indomaret, Hero, Giant, Lion Superindo and many more. In 2007, Indonesian Department of Trade gave Sumber Prima Food UKM Awards as appreciation for the effort to improve the products distribution for all Indonesian regions.
Provide food and beverages with premium quality.
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